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New food and health podcast by Chicago Tribune Food & Dining reporter Louisa Chu and WBEZ Food & Health reporter Monica Eng
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Apr 22, 2016

How does memory affect our relationship with food? Monica chews it over with chefs Sam Kass, Gale Gand, Dave Beran, Ming Tsai,and Nathalie DuPree. Louisa talks pizza memories with Burt’s Pizza founder Burt Katz. And psychiatrist Drew Ramsey tells us how to eat for optimal brain and mental health. Finally, Louisa brings Monica and Iris twists on nostalgic treats from their Chinese childhoods—but will they eat them? Press play to find out. (Photo: Burt's Place pizza by Louisa Chu)

Apr 8, 2016

This week on the Chewing podcast, co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng talk “Ethnic” versus “White” food, whatever that means. They discuss with Los Angeles Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold, also the star of the new documentary “City of Gold”, as well as Lucky Peach editor in chief Chris Ying, and author of The Wurst of Lucky Peach: A Treasury of Encased Meat. Plus Louisa offers Monica the classic Chinese-American dish egg foo young, but Will She Eat It? (Photo: takeout sweet and sour pork, fried, rice, and egg roll in Chicago, by Louisa Chu)

Mar 25, 2016

This week on Chewing, co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng go behind the curtain, with the stories behind their own headlines! Seen the Clickhole egg video yet? You will, and our very own producer Iris Lin made it! She’ll share behind the scenes drama, and how to make your own viral food video. Then Monica saw the world famous Billy Goat Tavern (Cheezborger cheezborger cheezborger!) serving fries so she investigates Cheeps-gate. Plus she uncovered her audio postcard with late local legend Olga of Olga’s Deli. Then, stop the presses! Louisa brings in the very first food Monica won’t eat in the game we like to call Will She Eat It?! (Photo: Billy Goat cheezborger at Navy Pier in Chicago, by Louisa Chu)

Mar 11, 2016

This week on Chewing, co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng DOGGY BAG it! But how safe is it? And why don’t we always do it? What’s the science and culture behind the one thing we can control to reduce food waste worldwide? Monica talks to the Undersecretary of Agriculture and for once they’re not fighting. Instead they agree on one of the most important ways to cut food waste in the nation. Then we call up extreme doggy bagger, Serious Eats founder Ed Levine. And Louisa brings Monica and producer Iris Lin a Leap Year leftover, but Will She Eat It? (Photo: Raccoon doggy bag from annual Coon Feed in Delafield, Wisconsin, by Louisa Chu)

Feb 26, 2016

This week on Chewing, co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng crack some eggs! Who doesn’t love a runny yolk fried egg? Even newly outed PVPO (Personally Vegan Professionally Omnivorous) Louisa does, but what about the scramble on big ethical issues? Monica talks to Josh Balk, senior director of food policy at The Humane Society of the United States. And FOC (Friend of Chewing) Ben Roche, Research and Development chef at Hampton Creek, gives a sneak peek at the future of egg-free foods from the makers of Just Mayo. Then Louisa brings in a thousand-year-old egg, aka century egg, while Monica digs up a forgotten egg tart, But Will She Eat It? (Photo by Louisa Chu: Rhode Island Red and Araucana chicken eggs at Fortress of the Bear in Sitka, Alaska)

Feb 12, 2016

Welcome to Chewing! In this premiere episode, co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng are Coming Out. Monica talks with Dr. Boyd Eaton, one of the godfathers of Paleolithic nutrition, the so-called caveman diet, who now controversially says cut the meat to save the future. Then she asks the world’s top nutrition experts for their ideal breakfasts. Plus Louisa makes a big coming out announcement: she’s PVPO (Personally Vegan, Professionally Omnivorous). And to celebrate Fat Thursday / Fat Tuesday and our big, fat, first episode, she brings Monica, noted sweets and alcohol hater, and Chewing producer Iris Lin, moonshine & lemon curd paczki, but Will She Eat It? (Photo by Louisa Chu: strawberry and cream pączek, the singular of pączki from Delightful Pastries in Chicago)

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